Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer - Aqualyzer® 9061C Compact Wall Mount, 5m Cable


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The Waltron Aqualyzer® 9061C Compact Dissolved Oxygen analyzer is a microcontroller-based unit used for online measurement of dissolved oxygen content in various water chemistry/treatment applications.  Sampling point for power generation includes mixed bed outlets, extraction pump discharge, boiler feed, boiler drum, and steam.

Features include:
  • Measurement of dissolved oxygen concentration
    • Wide range analysis- .01ppb to 20ppm. Concentration and temperature are displayed continuously and analyzer adjusts automatically to user-specified ranges.
    • Auto temperature compensation
  • Calibration
    • Easy-to-perform single point calibration
    • Process calibration
    • Internal diagnostics used to show sensor status
  • User interface
    • Large easy-to-read graphic display
    • Tactile membrane keyboard on the front panel
  • Communication interface via RS-485 using MODBUS RTU protocol.


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