Waltron 3051 Calcium Hardness Analyzer

Waltron 3051 Calcium Hardness Analyzer


  • $14,900.00

The 3051 is trusted worldwide to deliver accurate and reliable readings with minimal maintenance and low total cost of ownership. Common applications include wastewater and boiler systems for highly accurate, online low-level Calcium Hardness measurement.

Ranges: 0-250ppb and 0-1ppm
Streams: Single and Dual (up to four channels with separate Waltron sequencer)

The unit is shipped with 1 month of reagents/ standards.


Accurate and wide-range analysis

 Fast loop reservoir

 Adjustable cycle and calibration frequency

 Automatic calibration and validation (QA/QC)

 Compact design

 Color touchscreen display

 Grab sample capability

 Internal datalogger

 Low reagent level alarm

 No compressed air required

 Automatic start/stop based on sample flow detection

 Minimal analyzer maintenance

 Panel mounting bracket available for Hach 5000 replacement

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