Waltron 9072 Hydrazine Analyzer (Potentiostatic)

Waltron 9072 Hydrazine Analyzer (Potentiostatic)


  • $7,500.00

The Waltron 9072 Potentiostatic Hydrazine Analyzer is the most economic choice for continuous measurement of Hydrazine in ultra-pure water. Measurement is microprocessor based and uses a potentiostatic three electrode system.

 Process calibration

 Wide range analysis: 0 -1000ppb

 Automatic temperature and flow compensation

 Fast response time (t90 = 30 sec)

 No zero point adjustment required

 Withstands pressures up to 8 bar (116 psi)

 Analog and digital outputs

 Near-zero reagent consumption

 Minimal maintenance required

 Automatic operation

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