Waltron 9165S Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Smart Sensor

Waltron 9165S Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Smart Sensor


  • $5,900.00
  • Speichern $2,100

Waltron's industry-leading optical technology is now available in an economic and simplified form factor. The 9165S LDO Smart Sensor can be connected to a 9165 LDO Transmitter (sold separately), through a simple 4-20 mA analog output to a panel monitor (sold separately), or wired directly to a DCS. Its compact design can be used in a variety of online analysis applications throughout many different industries. The 9165S provides the same high accuracy and excellent long-term stability as the full-sized instrument and can even be upgraded in the future with a 9165 transmitter to operate with a full touchscreen interface.


  No sensor maintenance (no membrane, no electrolyte)

  Wide measurement range: 0-200ppb; 0–2000ppb; 0-45ppm

  No calibration for up to 2 years

  Extremely fast response time

  No known sample interferences

  Excellent results independent of sample flow rate

  Use in liquid and gas applications

 Save space and money by eliminating the need for transmitters

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