Waltron 6051 Total Hardness Analyzer

Waltron 6051 Total Hardness Analyzer


  • $6,500.00

Waltron's 6051 Total Hardness Analyzer uses automatic titrimetric technology to detect hardness levels in water.  Enjoy a straightforward and intuitive operator interface as well as quick and easy maintenance.  Automate your hardness measuring system for affordable mistake-proof reliability and greatly enhanced measurement resolution.  Range is determined by the selection of reagent, with eleven options from 0.4-2.1ppm through 53.6-535.7ppm.

Easy to use, fully automatic operation

Wide-Range analysis

Hassle-free maintenance

Long lasting reagent

Automatic graphical display of last 100 results

Compact design

4 Relay outputs

4-20mA output signal

Removable SD card

No calibration necessary

Accurate and reliable results

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