Waltron 9031CX Sodium Analyzer

Waltron 9031CX Sodium Analyzer


  • $7,800.00
  • Guardar $1,200

Waltron’s 9031CX Sodium Analyzer combines simplified design with uncompromising performance. This economic option can save your budget as well as mounting space.  Common application points in a boiler system for online Sodium measurement include: make-up water, condensate, boiler feedwater and saturated steam/main steam.   Also available in panel mount version.

Range: 0.1 ppb - 10 ppm
Streams: Single (up to four channels with separate Waltron sequencer)

The unit is shipped with 1 month of reagents/ standards.


Large user friendly color touch screen interface

Compact size

Wide analysis range: 0.1ppb – 10ppm

Quick connect electrodes and probe positioning clamps

Two 4-20 mA isolated current outputs

Low reagent and standard consumption

Internal data logger set to store readings every 10 minutes for 30 days

Minimal maintenance required

Automatically stores last 10 calibrations and alarms

Reagents: Ammonium Hydroxide (standard) or Di-isopropylamine (optional)

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