Waltron LDO Sensor Exchange Program

  • $7,600.00


In this program, a ready-to-use 9065 Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen sensor will arrive with a factory Certificate of Calibration and everything needed to replace your existing sensor -- plus an extended, one-year warranty to cover the entire instrument electronics and sensor.

Your account will be charged $7,600 at the time of shipment.

Simplified Procedure

Step 1:  Issue a purchase order for the full amount of a refurbished sensor (K5000-001R). After the package arrives, you have 14 days to complete the sensor swap and return your sensor to Waltron. Inside the box are full instructions.

Step 2:  Put the analyzer into Standby mode and disconnect the sensor cable from the top sensor. Turn off sample flow.

Step 3:  Remove the sensor from the flowcell and mounting brackets and set aside.

Step 4:  Install the replacement sensor into the flowcell and tighten.

Step 5:  Tighten the sensor mounting brackets into place and connect the sensor cable to the replacement sensor, lining up white dots on sensor and cable.

Step 6: Turn on sample flow to the analyzer and press the START button to put the analyzer back into online mode. It's that easy!

Step 7:  Put the protective calibration beaker over the top of the sensor that was removed from service and package the sensor in case.

Step 8:  Fix the return shipping label to the outside of the case and ship the case back to Waltron.

Step 9:  Upon receipt, a Waltron technician will inspect the returned sensor for functionality and damage.

Step 10:  Your account will be credited for the sensor core charge, less deductions for damaged components.

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