Swan Compatible Reagents and Standards

Reagents and Standards for Swan Analyzers are now available from Waltron.

For over 115 years, Waltron has been the leader in water chemistry management. Using the same exacting specifications as those we make for our own instruments, we have developed a new line of reagents and standards specifically for Swan Analyzer users.  These ready-to-use products are the perfect alternative to mixing dry reagents on site and are unconditionally guaranteed to perform as good or better than the originals.


Saves time and money -- no need to waste time mixing from dry powders

No more stocking and working with hazardous acids

All chemicals arrive guaranteed fresh and ready to use right away

No need to buy six months at a time -- our kits are sized for one month supply

Individual reagents can be purchased if an entire set is not needed


Purchase from just one bottle to multiple sets as you need

Conveniently order online with a credit card, or simply call us with a purchase order

Dedicated chemists are on site here to troubleshoot and answer any questions

All products are thoroughly tested and come with a 100% Waltron satisfaction guarantee

Reagent Sets are available for:

Calibration Standards are available for all products

DIPA Buffer Solution for Sodium is also available