Waltron 9091 Dissolved Hydrogen Analyzer


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The Waltron 9091 Dissolved Hydrogen Analyzer is the industry standard for continuous measurement of dissolved hydrogen in water. Measurement is microprocessor based and uses a potentiostatic three electrode system.  Important application points include primary loop of nuclear power plants, boiler beed-water in thermal power plants, denitrification of drinking water, and catalytic reduction of oxygen on noble metal surfaces in water treatment plants. The dissolved hydrogen concentrations within the water/steam loop of a power plant gives quantitative and qualitative evidence of the rate of corrosion, corresponding to the buildup or destruction of the protective oxide layer inside pipes and boiler tubes.

Also available as a portable unit for non-fixed applications.

 Fully automatic remote calibration

 Wide range analysis: 0 -1000 μg/L, 0 - 10 mg/L

 Automatic temperature and flow compensation

 Fast response time (t90 = 30 sec)

 No zero point adjustment required

 Withstands pressures up to 8 bar (116 psi)

 Analog and digital outputs

 Low reagent consumption

 Minimal maintenance required

 Automatic operation